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We know that life gets busy but we encourage you to continue to make God your family's focus. Make sure your kids don't miss out on learning all the amazing things that the Bible has to teach them about who God is and who God made them to be. Each week we will post a video that includes a couple of music videos and a lesson that you can watch as a family 


Know that Kids Branch and the Olive Branch is here to pray for and support your family. Please don't hesitate to contact us at KIDS@TOB.CA to let us know how we can walk alongside you and your family.


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All kids love toys. Most toy boxes are full of many different toys. We like to play with different toys for different reasons, but they are all used for one main purpose: to play. All through the Bible God used very different people to carry out his main purpose: to let the world know who God is and how much he loves us. These lessons will use common toys to teach kids Bible stories about very different people in the Bible who all have something to teach us about living out God’s main purpose.

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