During this season we might not be able to come together and meet at our church building but we do not want your kids to miss out on hearing all the amazing teachings that can be found in the Bible.  Each week we will post a lesson below that you can do as a family. We will provide suggestions of how you can worship together, explore God's word, apply the lesson, and pray together.


As we continue living in this new normal we want to encourage you to continue to make God your family's focus.  Remember that God is faithful, he is our provider, he is our sustainer and he is walking with you through this time. Please know that Kids Branch is here to pray for and support your family. Please don't hesitate to contact us at KIDS@TOB.CA to let us know how we can walk alongside you during this time. 

Note: To access the lesson outline or activities click on the underlined words or phrases.

Easter Series from

Sunday March 14th

to Sunday April 4th.

Sunday March 14th: The Praise Experiment 

Sunday March 21st: The Trust Experiment 

Sunday March 28th: The Forgiveness Experiment

Sunday April 4th: The Salvation Experiment

Current Series: The Lord's Prayer

Sunday April 11th: Praise

          * Elementary Activity: Craft, Colouring Pages

          * Preschool Activity: Craft, Colouring Pages

Sunday April 18th: God's Will 

          * Elementary Activities: Object Lesson and Game

          * Preschool Activities: Object Lesson and Game

             (Object Lesson handouts - "Empty Maze", "Guided Maze")




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