This spring we are continuing with the curriculum series 'Digging Into the Heart of God'. Over the next couple of months students will continue to learn about who God is and how they are and can be a reflection of that. 


Each week children will receive a take home page. As parents/guardians, you are your child's biggest spiritual influencer and we encourage you to use the take home page to help your child(ren) apply the lesson they learned throughout the week. If you didn't receive or you lost your take home page just click the lesson titles below so you can continue the wonderful spiritual conversations that we have on Sunday at home. 

Sunday February 23rd: Jesus is the vine so we grow in his love

Sunday March 1st: Jesus does hard things so we're willing to do hard things

Sunday March 8th: Jesus forgives when it's hard so we forgive when it's hard

Kids Branch @ home

During this time we have suspended our onsite gatherings but we hope the following lessons will help you and your kids to grow and 'dig into the heart of God' together.

Sunday March 15th: Jesus is powerful and he gives us power

Sunday March 22nd: God is welcoming, so we're welcoming



Children who come on Sunday Mornings will have the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and leaders as they play, worship God through music, listen to Bible stories, and apply the Bible lesson to their lives. 

Our hope is that each child we serve:

  • feels a sense of belonging

  • develops a sense of curiosity and wonder about God (believe)

  • develops a deeper sense of identity and starts to become more like Jesus

  • learns to bless others by serving them and sharing God’s love

Offering Collection

In March and April, our offerings will go towards supporting Yellow Brick House. 


The Yellow Brick House exists in part to raise awareness and take a stand against violence against women and children. Most importantly it exists to empower women and children to rebuild their lives. This will be our opportunity to love and give to others in our own York Region community.  





Coming for the first time:

  • Come to our guest area or Kids Branch kiosk. One of our leaders will help you fill out the family contact form and create name tags for your children. 

  • You and your children will then be shown our kids area and where your children's classes. 

  • On your next visit you will be able to sign in using our computerized check in system and name tags for your children will be automatically printed.

yellow brick house.jpg

Well Child Policy

For the safety and health of our children we ask that parents do not bring their children to Kids Branch if they have exhibited any signs of illness within the last 24 hours.

Some signs of illness are:

Unusual Fatigue or Irritability



Runny Nose (Green or Yellow) and Eyes




Inflamed Mouth and Throat

Lice, Pink Eye and Unidentified Rash