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Despite our greatest efforts on Sunday mornings, where do kids learn best? At home! Our Kids Branch team has about an hour a week to teach children about faith compared to numerous hours parents/guardians have daily with their children. 

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 says to love God and to teach your children to follow Him throughtout the everyday moments of your life. Below are some resources to help you take advantage of the time and moments that happen in the everyday.


Your student is constantly changing. Take time to get to know their likes and dislikes.

Get To Know Your Kids

Encourage your student daily with these Lunch Box Notes.

Lunch Box Notes


Grade 6 Rite of Passage

Create annual moments to encourage your child's faith development.

Memory Makers

Be spontaneous and create some lasting memories with your student.

Cellphone Responsibility

Internet Safety Agreement

Fun Ways to Pray with your Kids

Rules for Maintaining Healthy Social Media Accounts

Questions? Call Anne Ison, Director of Children's Ministry at (905) 471 7700 x205


A digital library of Christian resources for you and your kids

Back to School Parent Resource

Click Here

The Olive Branch

Worship Playlist 

Need Prayer?

E-mail or

OR stop into the Prayer Room (at the back of the auditorium) after either of

the Sunday morning services – there are volunteers ready to support

and pray with you.
*Please Note: Prayer requests are shared in confidence to our e-prayer team.

Resources for Parents

with Preteens

Resources to help you Empower Your Child

Message on Building Resilience in the Next Generation

A Family Spiritual Growth Guide

Click Here

Family Devotionals by Group

(sign in required)

Click Here


A digital library of Christian resources for you and your kids



BIble App.png

The Bible App

for Kids

Kids Branch

Worship Playlist 


Kids Branch

Worship Playlist 

Notes from Jesus: What your Best Friends Want you to Know

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